Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday, March 15th

I’m not much of a dancer. Just ask my wife.

In fact, at weddings and other get-togethers when the band cranks it up, I’m usually on the sidelines. When people ask why I’m not out on the dance floor, I often wink at them and say, “That’s why men get married . . . So they don’t have to dance anymore.” I know; bad joke.

It’s not that I don’t love being arm in arm with Lyn. It’s just that I’m embarrassed by my dancing.

Those times that I do glide by the bandstand with her, I always feel like I have to hold back. I don’t know how to lead. I’m concerned about stepping on her shoes. I’m afraid I’ll look silly. I’m fearful that people will find out what a klutz I am and that I have three left feet.

To relate it to the story of Lazarus, the graveclothes that wrap me up and hold me back are my unwillingness to risk looking ridiculous.

That says a lot about my relationship with my Lord, as well. To me, a deep relationship with Jesus is like a dance with him. When he leads and I follow, it’s a wondrous thing to experience and to watch. Yet, to do so, I have to be willing to look ridiculous to others. I also have to hold him close, very close.

King David wasn’t afraid of looking silly. In 2 Samuel we read that once, in front of a large crowd, this powerful king “danced before the LORD with all his might” (2 Sam. 6:14). Nothing held back – just dancing like a fool because he was so in love with his God.

It’s time to get back onto the dance floor.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thanks for your grace and for your incredible love for me and for humankind. Let’s keep dancing. Amen.

Ed Klodt

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