Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday, March 5th

Are you still having trouble understanding how much God loves you even in your mess? How crazy He is about you even if you don’t stand out in the crowd (or if you do stand out for all the wrong reasons)? If you are, have you considered:

Matthew, the hated tax collector who sold out Israel to Rome by becoming a tax collector but who God turned into a disciple?

Jacob who was a swindler until God in his steadfast love got a hold of him and gave him a new identity as a patriarch of Israel?

Saul the murderer who God transformed into the great apostle Paul?

The unnamed woman in John 8 who was in adultery and who (though everybody else wanted to condemn and even kill her) Jesus just could not condemn but instead forgave and loved?

Or how about Peter who betrayed Jesus in a deeply shameful way but who Jesus forgave and turned into Peter, The Rock.

Somehow people still seem to think that they have to be “good” Christians in order to be worthy of God’s transforming love. But they don’t.

Father may we know your radical, graceful, call of love in our life today. Amen.

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