Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday, February 20th

Who AM I! What part of the narrative of Lazarus is mine?

Am I Lazarus? I also have a perishable body subject to disease and death. Some day I too will enter the grave. Am I a friend of Mary who came to comfort her in her grief? A friend who accompanied her to the tomb and witnessed the Glory of the Lord in the resurrection of Lazarus? A friend who heard the voice of the Lord call out. “come out” and saw Lazarus arise from the tomb alive? Am I the friend who saw and heard the Messiah, the Son of the Living God, and put my faith in Him on that day, the very day when my whole life was transformed by the Holy Spirit through faith in Christ?

We are those who have heard the Word of God. We are those who have put our faith in Jesus Christ. We are those whom God will raise up in a twinkling of an eye with imperishable bodies, changed by the power of God. We are the witnesses to the healing power and glory of God. We are his beloved.

Lord, let us see and comprehend Your glory. Let us experience Your healing power. Strengthen our faith and help us be faithful witnesses to the Eternal Son of God through whom we receive abundant life. Amen


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