Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday, February 22nd

I am not a patient person. You would know that if you are in the car in front of me and not going the speed limit. And yet so much of my time is spent doing exactly what I don’t want to be doing- waiting for something. Waiting for the dinner to be done, waiting for it to rain, waiting for it to be finished raining, waiting for my day off, waiting for my friend to call me back, etc.

And in so many of these instances I ask why? Why do I have to wait? Why can’t what I want just happen now. Especially if it is a “good” thing that will help make life better.

I have discovered that why is sometimes a maddening question. Even if I get the answer to it, it doesn’t usually make what I want to happen actually happen any faster.

So I am learning to ask a more helpful question. Like the question “what now?” In other words, God, what might you do with me while I wait? How are you trying to shape me and teach me in this time? What illusions and expectations do I need to let go of? What does my impatience teach about me, about my faith?

Dear Lord, in this Lenten journey toward Easter trasformation, teach me see you at work in my waiting. Amen.

Pastor Tim

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