Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Invitation to our Lenten Journey together

The Lenten Journey Towards Easter: The Lazarus Life

The season of Lent begs us to look at our own lives. It invites us on a 40 day journey to look at who we are and who we want to be. We are called to look at the longings of our life, the unmet expectations and even the disappointments.

Often we don’t look too deep. Maybe we don’t want too. Maybe we don’t know how. Maybe we just don’t have time. But we begin our Lenten journey by putting ashes on our forehead and hearing the words “remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return,” and we are reminded in a stark way that we are mortal and that there is more to life than the shallow surface.

Of course the Lenten journey doesn’t stop at the ashes. The ashes are just the beginning of a journey with a destination. And this year we journey with Lazarus, a man whose name literally means “one whom God helps.” Lazarus is a wonderful reminder that as we spent time in Lent looking deeper into our lives, coming to terms with our brokenness, what we are doing is creating room for God to work, to use his strength in our weakness, to bring His help.

This is the process called transformation.

It is not an easy process. Sometimes it is messy. Sometimes it stinks. Sometimes we go forward only to fall back. The book The Lazarus Life reminds us of this. But it also reminds us that if we can create space for Jesus, He will fill that space and bring His transformation.

So you are invited to join us on this journey. You can get the book at church or order it on line. You can come to Ascension on the weekend and hear the sermon each week. And you can receive join us on this daily blog as Ascensions Adult Education team will provide daily reflections on the themes of the book and the story of Lazarus as told in the 11 chapter of John.

Our reflections will start on Wed. Feb. 16th. May God bless you this season of Lent.


  1. OK PT, I look forward to reflections! By starting today is it my understanding the adult education team will be populating the blog daily for the reflections or will there be a class on Wednesday too?

    Your Pal,

    Mark Alan Galster

  2. There will be services on Wednesdays at 7:15pm preceded by a soup supper at 6:15pm. These Wed. night services won't be covering the Laz. Life as a topic. The sermons on Sat. and Sun. will though.


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