Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday- February 17th

I am Lazarus.

God, I begin this Lenten journey today knowing that if I am not Lazarus, I need to be. That is because Lazarus means “whom God helps.” And if I don’t know that I need your help- I should know.

So I am asking for your help. Please take me through this process. At the end of it, may I, at the very least, become open to your help.

I warn you though. I am going be your biggest barrier in this process of transformation. I am going to resist, complain, try to take care of my problems by myself in my own shortsighted way, and I am going to take credit for any success. Also, I tend to have a limited imagination. My version of transformation probably doesn’t look anywhere near what you have got planned for me.

So at the very beginning of this process, as the ashes are put upon my forehead in the form of a cross, may I remember that I am dust. But may I also remember that you can do good things with dust. Amen.

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