Monday, July 13, 2009

Notes from Minnesota

Written by Aidan Delkeskamp

Well we’ve been doing FANTASTIC!!! Oh and Lisa, if you read this tell Laney that I miss her and tell Sawyer I miss him and try to work out a sleepover with Sawyer and Laney and me. Anyway, Sunday we had to drive an hour I think, to this camp called Wapo. We went to church there. [It was outside]. Then it was communion time and I served it. Then me Jude and Hannah all went to a dock and Jude and Hannah played in the water. Mom and I sat in a swing and swung. That night we went to another worship service. Monday we went down to the park to play soccer with dad. Then we went to a malt shop with the creator of the movie Up’s parents for lunch. It is a good movie. You should see it. We even got an autographed kids book of UP, just to us. Oh, we had met them, Dave and Rita [just like my aunt and uncle, isn’t that funny] on the train to Dijon, France. But they live here in Minnesota. They went on sabbatical with their kids when they were little, before their son made movies. Then we went with them to a place where we went boating. My mom said it was not good to leave here without boating. I guess there is something like ten thousands lakes.

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