Friday, July 24, 2009

Good Questions

As we were traveling across the lonely countryside, Jude asked, "How does the water stay lakes?"

"What?" we asked.

"How does water stay in lakes?" Jude asked again and then gave further explanation. "When I dig a hole for a puddle and fill it with water, the water gets out. How does it stay in the lake?"

We love his question-asking, his good-thinking, maybe of which came alive because there is not necessarily a lot to do when driving and driving and driving and then driving some more. As we worshiped last Sunday, Jude asked another fabulous question. We were with our friends, the Foster's, staying at Glen Eyrie Retreat Center, and we were following the path through six various prayer stations. The first one was in the garden. We read the scripture and talked. And then Jude asked, "Who made the weeds? Does God make weeds or does Satan?" We sometimes wonder where he comes up with these things, but we loved the great discussion that it sparked.

So... good questions... we invite you to ask some. We've been blogging about our journey and now we invite you to post your own questions that you may have been wondering about in regards to sabbatical. They can be logistical questions about how one survives for hours in a messy van with three kids... or theological questions about the different places of ministry we have visited or... or... YOU COME UP WITH THE QUESTIONS... just enter them in the "comment" area and we will respond with another blog answering what we can.. and maybe we should say "want" - it is still sabbatical, after all. You have just a few days... we will try to answer the middle of next week. Only one week left of sabbatical. We thank all of you for your prayers and support... and now questions...


  1. What is one thing that you wish you had taken with you... and one thing that you wish you had left behind?

    Traveling Mercies during your last week!

  2. Hi all.

    We have loved every word you ALL have written... Our table conversations has often been a reflection of these blogs...
    Judes observations, remind me of a long ago question put to me from a small child looking out at the ocean. Where is the plug to all that water???? Good one huh?
    see you soon. love MargyO.

  3. I want to know how you answered Jude's question about how water stays in lakes? I am not fully sure I know the answer myself, though I suspect it has something to do with how saturated with water the ground is. I think Jude is showing early signs of being a lateral thinker, and that's really cool. I used to (and still) ask questions like that.

    Other than that, I want to know about your Sabbatical rhythm (work rest play study). What did it look like specifically? How well did you keep to this throughout the Sabbatical? I mean, was it as regimented as "when the noon bell tolls, we celebrate midday mass," (kind of monk-like), or was it more fluid than that?


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