Monday, October 25, 2010

What do you say?

Carrie Leonard is a leader here at Ascension and has a passion for putting together people in small groups.  She sees how the Spirit transforms people when they get together in Jesus' name for the sake of care and personal growth.  She has written many of the small group curriculums that we have done here at Ascension, including the "Give Thanks" one that we are encouraging you to be a part of.  Here's Carrie...

Remember when we were kids and our parents had to remind us (sometimes) to say “thank you”? They would say that familiar phrase, “What do you say?” And do you remember being frustrated when you were just about to say “thanks” and they were quicker with “What do you say”? It seems like sometimes we just didn’t have a chance to say thanks fast enough!

How quick are you to say “thanks” to God? I know sometimes I can get lazy and start taking things for granted and I forget to thank God for all He has blessed me with. The two things that get me back on track are the Word and my friends.

So that is why I am excited about the small group study for next month, “Give Thanks”. It provides a terrific opportunity to get back on track with our giving and thanking by getting into the Word and studying it with friends. All you need is a friend or two, the Study Guide (found on or in the Narthex) and a Bible.

What do you say?

Carrie Leonard

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