Friday, October 29, 2010

A Holy Opportunity

Mary Wennes is a member of our Gifts of Hope team here at Ascension.  She also is has been a leading advocate in the national church for many years for the cause of hunger.  Her passion the "the least of these" that Jesus talks about in the gospel of Mathew 25:40 is contageous.  Here is a reflection from her about the holy opportunity of our Gifts of Hope project: 

As I reflect on this past year, I give thanks for a family that has been blessed with excellent health, meaningful work and a host of good friends. But on top of that is the knowledge we have of a loving and compassionate God.

This grace filled God has given each of us a “holy” opportunity through the ELCA Malaria Campaign. We are able to express our thanks by sharing our gifts with the people of God in Africa. Our gifts will give hope and healing to those afflicted with malaria as well as to prevent millions of children from contracting it. A $10 mosquito net will protect a family or 4 from the deadly mosquito.

I have a BIG birthday coming up very soon. My birthday present request is for a net for every year of my life---and that’s A LOT. If I get my wish the nets will protect almost 300 children & adults from getting malaria. Now that’s a “holy” opportunity.

Our Gifts of Hope will provide all of the members of Ascension the opportunity to think about “holy” Christmas gifts that can bring life and hope to those in need.

Our gifts can be “holy” when they bring hope to others.

Mary Wennes


  1. Mary, I love this challenge! What a wonderful way to make a difference to so many!

  2. Mary, I love this challenge. What a wonderful way to make a difference for so many people.

  3. Yes, holy gifts bring life and hope!
    Thank you, Mary, and Happy Birthday,
    We'll buy some nets!


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