Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Living Advent: Happy New Year!

Living Advent: Happy New Year!

This Sunday, November 27th is the first day of Advent.   The question that I have for you is:  How might our world be different if we lived in sacred rhythm of the Advent Season? How might we avoid getting swept into holiday frenzy? How might our eagerness for instant gratification change if we practiced living Advent every day?

Could living in the sacred rhythm of the Advent season change our lives, our church – and the world – for the good?

Using this daily “Living Advent Calendar” is designed to help us be in right relationship with ourselves, with family and friends and neighbors, with creation, and most importantly with God.   If you didn’t get a copy of it last Sunday at church, you can download it from our church website here:   Living Advent Calendar

You can choose to use this calendar on your own, but perhaps you will have a richer experience if you “live it” with your family, friends, and/or church community.  Perhaps you could find a partner or group of people with whom to discuss and reflect on the daily invitations.  Perhaps you could meet once a week with your partner or group and talk about your experiences as well as pray for one another.  Instead of Sunday morning adult education classes, find someone during the “coffee time” to ask, “What daily practice was hard for you this week?”  Or, “what practice did you like the most?”  Or, “which practice refreshed or challenged you?”

As a church there is no greater time to bear witness to our culture about the peace and joy that Jesus gives us than in the midst of the hustle and business of the Christmas season.  Let’s join together and practice Advent. 

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