Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You are a Theologian... I am serious.

Thinking theologically about the Incarnation…

Have I already lost you?  Are you eyes already starting to glaze over?   Are the words theological and incarnation more potent than the average over-the-counter sleeping pill? 

We have been talking theology now for several weeks and, I have discovered that when it comes to theological concepts like the Incarnation, many people say things like, “I believe that in Jesus, God became human so why do I need to think any more about it?” 

The answer is because these questions are still being asked, maybe not by us but by many others.  Not just by Muslims and Jewish people who want to understand that Jesus was a great teacher but not divine, but also by, for example, many young people within the Christian church who have never learned about this concept because the older people have stopped passing it along. 

So my encouragement as we cross the halfway point of reading this book is: keep reading.   Keep reading not just for you but also for those around you.  More than likely, there are people around you  who might have questions about God that you can help answer.  In fact, you might just be the theologian that God has put in their life to talk about the Incarnation.  Or maybe I should say it this way, you might be the person that God has put in their life to tell that beautiful story about a God who loves us so much that he is willing to come to us, in all our messiness, in all our chaos,  and remind us how much He loves us.   

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