Thursday, November 4, 2010

Conejo Valley Cares

J.P. Gorham is the director of Conejo Valley Cares. Conejo Valley Cares’ primary purpose is to “assess the needs of the Conejo Valley community and work in partnership with local churches and organizations to help reorganize and repair the lives of clients.” I have personally witnessed CVC do a wonderful job at working to help re-establish people who have been hit hard by the economy. For this reason we are so excited to have Conejo Valley Cares be the focus or our local Gifts of Hope project this year. Below is a note from J.P.:

As we at Conejo Valley CARES start to prepare for the holiday season, we're very much aware of the fact that we've never seen needs like this before and certainly have our hands full. So many of the families who come to us now have never been in this critical position and as we work on improving their situations, our thoughts and prayers also turn to making sure every family has a wonderful, spiritual Christmas this year!

Depression is unfortunately a large element in the process of crisis intervention and to help these families enjoy the holidays will help provide an anchor they desperately need as they feel they are drifting on the ocean of life. As we provide the basics to these families, something else inevitably happens. They can stop worrying so much about the simple details that suddenly seem so overwhelming, turn their attention back to God, and then have a freer ability to allow the holidays to be a time of worship and family bonding as it should be. To see the blessings provided by the community to make all of this possible is to look into the heart of the Lord and fully understand how much He truly loves us.

God Bless!!!!


For more info on Conejo Valley Cares you can go to:

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